Operazione Colomba

Closure of Operazione Colomba’s presence in Albania

After 10 years of nonviolent intervention, Operazione Colomba is going to close its presence in Albania.
This decision, not taken lightly at all, is the result of careful considerations and observations that were made starting from the positive results achieved during these years and evaluating the living conditions’ improvement of the families that Operazione Colomba took care of. (more…)

P/R Condemnation of the “blood feud” phenomenon and Call for justice

Call for justice

Operazione Colomba, nonviolent peace corps of the Association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, takes notes of the condemnation at 21 years of jail to Lazer Qukaj for the attempted murder on Nik Prroj and calls for justice for the murders of Kole and Marie Qukaj.

Operazione Colomba recognizes the commitment of the judicial institutions in fighting the “blood feud” phenomenon, through the application of the laws in force. It calls for justice in order to legally persecute the  perpetrators of Marie and Kole Qukaj’s murders.

The blood feud is often use as a form of private justice in cases where the legal one doesn’t reach its goal. Therefore, we call the System Justice to do its duty in order to encourage the end of hostilities between the Prrojs and Qukajs. (more…)


Operazione Colomba volunteers, interviewed by Shkodra TV1 Channel in the show ”Trokitje”, underlined the importance of certain elements to eliminate the phenomenon of blood feuds, such as: sharing the pain of the families on both sides of the conflict; awareness raising  of the youth and civil society; cooperation with local associations and institutions, on the national and international level.

The project in Albania: “Toward reconciliation”

tropoja - kanun

The project in Albania “Toward reconciliation” was born thanks to the relationship developed between Italian and Albanian members of the Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII and families involved in the conflict has allowed them to get to know, monitor and denounce the phenomenon of blood feud. Afterwards, Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, through the action of Operazione Colomba, has studied a strategy for the nonviolent resolution of the conflict, appropriate to the context defined by the phenomenon of blood feud. Operazione Colomba guarantees a constant presence in the Shkodër area since March 2010 and monthly presence in the Tropojë area since October 2010. (more…)