P/R Condemnation of the “blood feud” phenomenon and Call for justice

Call for justice

Operazione Colomba, nonviolent peace corps of the Association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, takes notes of the condemnation at 21 years of jail to Lazer Qukaj for the attempted murder on Nik Prroj and calls for justice for the murders of Kole and Marie Qukaj.

Operazione Colomba recognizes the commitment of the judicial institutions in fighting the “blood feud” phenomenon, through the application of the laws in force. It calls for justice in order to legally persecute the  perpetrators of Marie and Kole Qukaj’s murders.

The blood feud is often use as a form of private justice in cases where the legal one doesn’t reach its goal. Therefore, we call the System Justice to do its duty in order to encourage the end of hostilities between the Prrojs and Qukajs.

The case refers to a feud between the clan Quakaj and the clan Prroj. Since 2010 it has claimed several victims: three deaths, one injured and the related relatives involved (children, women and men). On the 8th of July 2010, Gjokë Qukaj was condemned for the murder of Ndoc Prroj, who was killed after a fight about a gutter. On the 14th of June 2012, the under-age Marie Qukaj and her grandfather Kole Qukaj, Gjokë’s uncle, were killed. The public opinion was shocked by the killing of a young girl involved into the feud. Many demonstration were organized all over the country. According to the media, the police inquiries had attributed  to the Prrojs the killings, reading them as an act of revenge for the death of Ndoc Prroj. But according to the official sources, no condemnation is recorded for the suspects. On the 9th April 2014, Lazer Qukaj and his brother Gjergji, Kole’s sons and Marie’s uncles, were arrested for the attempted murder on Nik Prroj, member of the enemy family. On the 24th April 2016, Lazer Qukaj has been condemned at 21 years of jail for the attempted murder related to “blood feud” reasons.