Campaign 2015

Official page of the Campaign 2015 A crowd against bllod feuds. Activities, events, survey and answers from the Albanian candidates and mayors. Everything you need to know about the commitment of the local politicians against the “blodd feud” phenomenon. Follow us and stay informed!

Final report about “A Crowd Against Blood Feuds” campaign

Final reportFinal Report:

Following A Crowd against Blood Feuds Campaign closure, Operazione Colomba presents the Final Report drafted thanks to the data resulted by the Mayoral candidates and the new-elected Mayors’ answers to the questionnaire about the “Blood Feuds Phenomenon”.

A Crowd against Blood Feuds 2015 campaign has aimed to keep on working on the national raising awareness activities carried out during the past years. (more…)

The answers from the Mayor of Shijak about blood feuds

The answers from the Mayor of ShijakToday we post the last letter received by an Albanian Mayor in response to the Operazione Colomba questionnaire about the blood feuds phenomenon. The Campaign “A Crowd Against Blood Feuds”, and its questionnaire, has been launched with the aim to raise Albanian institutions awareness about the phenomenon, a plague still alive and well rooted all over the Country.
Following the answers from the Mayor of Shijak, Ardian Kokomani. (more…)

The answers from the Mayor of Roskovec about blood feuds

The answers from the Mayor of RoskovecToday we post the answers from the Mayor of Roskovec, Mrs. Majlinda Bufi, to the questionnaire drafted by Operazione Colomba volunteers within the Campaign “A Crowd against blood feuds” and addressed to all the Albanian Mayors. Although the Campaign expired on the 30th of September, we keep on posting the answers received on time, as the one from the Mayor Majlinda Bufi. (more…)