Questions to Albanian Mayors

© HDYO 2015

1. What is the spread of the blood feud phenomenon in the area where you are the mayor?

  • How is the phenomenon perceived by the population?
  • How many cases of blood feud are there in the municipality/district where you are the mayor?
  • Is there any collaboration between the local administration and the other organizations in the territory where you are the mayor?


Sending letters to Albanian mayors (Pictures)

AWARENESS CAMPAIGNA Crowd Against Blood Feuds”: in order traise awareness of the blood feuds’ phenomenon among the Institutions, we decided to ship to all newly elected mayors some questions about this issue to understand which concrete measures they are going to take during their mandate to address the problem. A few days ago, the volunteers have mailed 61 letters, one for each newly elected mayor. Now we are expecting their answers! (more…)

Campaign 2015 – Post Elections


Even though June 21st has passed and the election returns are now available, the awareness campaign against the blood feuds phenomenon continues.
Operazione Colomba volunteers have decided to focus on the new Mayors, asking to those who have not yet responded, to answer their questions.
This way, the mayors will have the opportunity to take effective measures in order to fight the phenomenon!