The project in Albania: “Toward reconciliation”

tropoja - kanun

The project in Albania “Toward reconciliation” was born thanks to the relationship developed between Italian and Albanian members of the Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII and families involved in the conflict has allowed them to get to know, monitor and denounce the phenomenon of blood feud. Afterwards, Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, through the action of Operazione Colomba, has studied a strategy for the nonviolent resolution of the conflict, appropriate to the context defined by the phenomenon of blood feud. Operazione Colomba guarantees a constant presence in the Shkodër area since March 2010 and monthly presence in the Tropojë area since October 2010. (more…)

Poliçan Mayor answers questions about Blood Feuds Phenomenon

Tutte le risposte dei sindaci albanesi

In the mail box, Operazione Colomba volunteers have found a pleasant surprise: the first answer to the questions asked the Albanian Mayors. Poliçan Mayor’s answer is welcome.

In the frame of the campaign “A crowd against blood feuds”, in fact, we have sent a short questionnaire to all the Albanian Mayors elected on June 2015.  The aim is to direct their attention on the topic of Blood Feuds Phenomenon and to invite them to elaborate a strategy in order to fight and eliminate the phenomenon. Poliçan Mayor, Mr. Adriatik Zotkaj, has been the first mayor we received the answer from. (more…)