The third consignment of the questionnaire: Operazione Colomba doesn’t give up

Third consignment of the questionnaire

Operazione Colomba has decided to re-launch its own commitment against the Blood Feuds Phenomenon by sending again the questions on the phenomenon to the Mayors who have not answered yet. It is the third solicit, the third consignment of the questionnaire. In fact, after three months from the launch of the campaign A Crowd Against Blood Feuds it is time to settle accounts and collect data about candidates and mayors’ participation. Until now we have received a very few answers: only seven candidates have answered our questions and even less have done the mayors. Only four of them, out of 61, have sent us an answer. (more…)

Let’s learn to use good words by listening words of peace!

words of peace

As every month, on the 12th of August, the usual demonstration against blood feuds took place in the pedestrian area of Shkodra.

The simbolic gesture suggested by Operazione Colomba’s volunteers has been inspired by the Albanian popular saying, which goes “words are music to my ears”. By usimg music as vehicle for spreading peaceful messages, the volunteers’ aim was to show how positive words can lead to constructive behavior. (more…)

Demonstration: “Music to my ears” – 12 August 2015



On the 12th of August 2015, as each month, Operazione Colomba will remember the victims of blood feuds and restate that we have to drive together towards a national reconciliation in Albania.

That’s the reason why we have decided to demonstrate in the city centre by celebrating this summer with music of peace: not any kind of music, but a special one. Indeed, it’s well known that music can be a therapy, not only through melody but also through lyrics, when words are peaceful and bring good advices. (more…)