Together we can build Reconciliation!

Together we can build ReconciliationTogether we can build Reconciliation

Campaign 2016: “Të lidhim besen për… pajtim!”
1 event for 3 cities: Together we can build Reconciliation!
3 cities, 3 dates, 3 days: 1 Reconciliation

Presentation of the event:

The raising-awareness event “Të lidhim besën për… pajtim!” was born wishing to awake the sense of community all over Albania, tying together, in a symbolic way, the north of the Country (Shkoder), with the centre (Tirane) and the south (Vlore).

Here are the scheduled dates:

Shkoder: 19-20-21 May 2016;
Tirane: 29-30 September and 1 October 2016
Vlore: postponed to Spring 2017 for organizational reasons.

The goal is twofold:

  • On the one hand, to create a collective memory in order to commemorate the “Blood feuds” phenomenon victims. In fact, in Albania there is no commemorative monument or memorial dedicated to those victims. The gesture is a way to bring somehow public justice to the families’ victims. By commemorating all of the men, women and children who died because of the phenomenon, we don’t take a side in a specific conflict. Through a collective commemoration we all become aware of our responsibility as individuals and part of the civil society. By remembering all the phenomenon victims we learn to build a community that safeguards and defends the value of life.
  • On the other hand, to propose to the local and national institutions a major commitment. Although the law n. 9389/2005 has not been implemented yet, the same institutions envisaged to be part of the Coordination Commission for the fight against the “blood feud phenomenon” will be invited, in order to start working together to the definition of a strategy that can prevent and overcome the phenomenon itself.

During the three stages of the  event, all the Albanian mayors will be invited to publicly sign a document of commitment for the fight against and the prevention of the phenomenon. As representatives of the communities, they will strive to raise awareness and promote a team work, together with the local institutions and the civil society. All together we will call in a loud voice for the implementation of the 2005 law and therefore the even bigger dream, which could be real, to reach a National Reconciliation.
An important commitment that the national institution shall endorse in front of the international ones (OSCE, UN, UE) and especially in front of the whole Albanian people.