Florian Abedin Qama (PD)

The answer of the candidate Florian Abedin Qama of the party “Popular Alliance for work and for dignity” (APPD) – “Democratic Party of Albania” (PD) for the city of Poliçan

  1. The phenomenon of blood feuds, attenuated during the dictatorship. In the years after the dictatorship forms and traits of the phenomenon even more dangerous exist. As the Constitution of the years when the state was absent, the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini is still present and as a result there are hundreds of families “nailed down” (states for self-isolation/self-reclusion), waiting for their children’s lives to be spared. Being in that situation, these children are likely to remain not only illiterate but also, why not, to become criminals when they grow up, just as a result of the nightmare and the fear of dying and then learning more negative values. In the city of Poliçan, there is a center that deals with the treatment of these children in education, schooling and as for their protection by the police. So this is a good opportunity to look after the children, but especially the phenomenon that touches other families.
    • In the city of Poliçan, this phenomenon is certainly perceived with pain, like a plague in the area. There are cases of families “nailed down” regardless of whether they are not too frequent. However, we consider important that, even when there was only one family “nailed down”, we should do our best to eliminate the negative elements that prevent us to live free and reasonably.
    • Regarding the revenge, in the area of Poliçan there are cases in which people takes vendetta, so it happens with most of the Albanians, but without that life is touched
    • Our civil society and our state must try to find solutions long-term to put a stop to this too anachronistic phenomenon for the Albanian society. Until now, the administration hasn’t had collaborations with other organizations, so these elections are a good opportunity to offer solutions to support these families through partnerships with civil society.
  2. I think the first thing I have to do as a future mayor is to get in touch with civil society in order to receive its support in everything we do to completely eliminate the phenomenon of blood feuds. So we will expand the center to take care of these children who are in revenge with other families, educating them and offering them maximum protection by the police force so that their lives will be protected. In my view, as a future mayor and simple citizen, the life of these children is important because it is a moral and civil duty to stop the crime and injustice and to give freedom to those who suffer because of past mistakes.
  3. The goal of having a country with a legal system designed to support the process of overcoming the phenomenon of blood feuds in a system of justice and of peace culture is the essential principle that must support and enforce a municipal mayor with a role of leadership. With the confidence that the people of Poliçan could give me, I think that alongside the awareness of the people on the subject of forgiveness and the gift of freedom to the innocent children, binds a system of education since childhood. Starting from the pre-schoolar period, i.e. kindergarten, I think we should create a system of values in which the culture of peace is prevailing, with texts that are read to children by their teachers or poems containing this message. For primary school pupils too, with hours dedicated to these issues, while students of the high school, the staging of these stories through hours of literature in order to understand what is good and how valuable is the culture of peace and forgiveness in society. In terms of administration we create a system where everyone does some of this work as an added value to his/her curriculum vitae, to collaborate with civil society in this way. So, we give priority to those stories where peace has prevailed and where we could see in a certain way that we can all live together through forgiveness.