Diana Thoma Mile (LSI)

The answer of the candidate Diana Thoma Mile of the party “Alliance for European Albania” (ASE) – “Socialist Movement for Integration” (LSI) for the city of Pogradec

  1. In the area of Pogradec there are not cases of blood feud or revenge, unlike some other areas of Albania, in Pogradec it is not registered nor denounced any case. Data for cases of domestic violence have been given by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but it has not been given any information for cases of blood feud.
    • Blood feud is perceived by the population as an unacceptable and intolerable phenomenon for the society and the place where we live, as people are aware that from this phenomenon there is not escape and that doesn’t lead to the emancipation of their place. Blood feud is a phenomenon which prevents wellbeing.
    • In the area of Pogradec there is no recorded case of the phenomenon of blood feud.
    • In Pogradec was created four years ago an Interdisciplinary Technical Team, which includes 11 institutions of Pogradec, which cooperate with each other in relation to cases of domestic violence. This is called Reference Mechanism and works as a unique body for the minimization and reduction of domestic violence.
  1. In the area where I am candidate, namely Pogradec, the phenomenon of blood feud luckily is not present but I cannot overlook the Domestic Violence and the Violence Against Women and Girls, and also against Children. This phenomenon, although decreasing, according to the Prosecutor’s data, is unfortunately still present in the area of ​​Pogradec. With the creation of Mechanism of Reference, the 11 institutions that work for the reduction of domestic violence are: the Municipality of Pogradec, the Court, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police Station, the Office for Gender Equality and Women’s Rights and the Children’s, the Hospital, the Polyclinic, the Directorate of Public Health, the Office of Labour, the Office of Education and an NGO (“I, Woman”), women victims of violence are many and always take more awareness by denouncing the violence exerted on them. What I strive for Pogradec, as well as for some other places in Albania, is the creation of a shelter or a rehabilitation environment for women victims of violence, who lack support from family and are threatened by the violence of it. Furthermore, for the equipment of the institutions are competent a lawyer, a psychologist and a sociologist.
  1. As person who applies and respects the law, I think that the Law no. 9389 should be applied by the competent bodies. I am fully in support of the law and of its working in the best way possible, to serve people.