September 2016 Report

Current situation

In September, the newspapers reported the case of a feud that took place in the region of Dukagjin. A few days after the murder, the murderer turned himself in to the authorities.
reportsett2016More and more often the “blood feuds” phenomenon goes beyond the national borders. It is the case of a recent extradition from Greece to Albania of a detainee who committed homicide for “blood feud” reasons. Moreover, the administrative tribunal of Düsseldorf denied the international protection to an Albanian citizen who fled to Germany in order to escape a blood feud, after being detained for the murder of a woman.  

Sharing, Work and News on Volunteers

In September some accompaniments to jail allowed people affected by the “blood feuds” phenomenon to visit their relatives in prison. One of these accompaniments brought us inside the jail walls in order to assure that a father could hug his children. Often, our presence gives a smile even when the atmosphere is heavy.
In September we carried on many raising awareness activities. First of all, the monthly demonstrationthrough which we recalled the “blood feuds” victims by inviting the passers-by to write a word or a sentence on the “Book of Forgiveness”.
Then the second stage of our national awareness campaign “Together we can build Reconciliation”, that took place on the 29th, 30th of September and on the 1st of October in the capital city of Tirana and in the suburb of Kamez. On the 29th we organized a public meeting titled “True hero is the one who forgives”with father Gianfranco Testa, Fisnik Thorja (psychologist) and Tonin Çobani (a Kanun researcher). The day after a round table took place, where associations and institutions reunite together for studying pragmatical strategies oriented to the prevention and the fight of the “blood feuds” phenomenon. In the afternoon, we realized a graffiti in the square of Kamez. The day after we inaugurated it. The manifestation ended on the 1st of October with a public screening of the movie “The forgiveness of blood”, followed by a public debate about the phenomenon with  Sindi Laçej, the female protagonist of the movie.