The opinion of Keti Bazhdari, the candidate of the Socialist Party for the city of Shkodra, about the phenomenon of blood feuds

INTERVIEW June 14, 2015, Shkodër
Keti Bazhdari: My vision of Shkodra
The candidate of the Socialist Party for the new Municipality of Shkodra says that the biggest problem in the area is blood feuds

Author: Elvis Nabolli

[…] What do you think is the biggest problem in the city of Shkodra and which steps will you take to solve it during your mandate?
The Municipality of Shkodra, as an institution with many organizational problems, has an infinite number of important issues that we will try to solve immediately. But in our program we have reserved a very important place to the problem so acute of the blood feuds and to the problem of the self-isolated children, who are forced to leave school because of this cruel phenomenon. Facing only few expenses and using much more will, we will be able, within the first two years of mandate, to bring back to school all self-isolated children.

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INTERVIEW June 14, 2015, Top Channel

Keti Bazhdari during the tv program “Shqip”: my plan for Shkodër
[…] In the third part of the discourse we focus mainly on the blood feuds issue, a phenomenon that worries, generally the deep areas of the new town of Shkodra. The Bazhdari promised that within two years there will be no more children self-isolated because of this phenomenon.
“We wrote it in our plan and I have it as a personal challenge, to be honest. In two years, I said, we will not leave any child in the situation ofself-isolation, certainly in collaboration with the government, but it will be my personal initiative. We must not allow the Kanun to be practiced” she says.

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