Questions for mayoral candidates of Albania

    1. What is the spread of the blood feud phenomenon in the area where you are a candidate?
      • How is the phenomenon perceived by the population?
      • How many cases of blood feud are there in the municipality/district where you are a candidate?
      • Is there any collaboration between the local administration and the other organizations in the territory where you are candidate?
      1. Specifically, if you were elected at the end of these administrative elections, which concrete steps would you do for the complete eradication of the blood feud phenomenon, referring particularly to the territory of your town/district?
      1. In 2005 Law no. 9389 of May 4th 2005 was emanated but it has not been applied so far because of the lack of the implementing acts by the Executive. What do you plan on doing to ask the Albanian Executive to apply this legal instrument?