Periodic European Commission’s Progress Report on the situation of Albania

flag_of_europe-svgOn 9th November 2016 has been published the periodic European Commission’s Progress Report on the situation of Albania, which in 2014 acquired the candidate status to enter the European Union. The Report highlights a moderate progress in many areas, but particularly welcomes the enactment of new legislation aimed to the adjustment to the acquis communautaire; relevant improvements have been registered in the  justice system reform and in the exclusion of criminal offenders from public offices. The Commission criticizes the high number of unfounded asylum applications by Albanian citizens in EU members and Schengen area countries and ask Albania to take adequate measures to tackle the phenomenon. As regards to the blood feuds phenomenon, the Report deals with it in the context of the protection of the right to life; it recalls the Albanian Parliament Resolution on March 2015, underlining that the Coordination Council against blood feuds has to be reactivated (p. 63 – “As regards right to life, the March 2015 parliament resolution and recommendations on blood feuds still require follow up. The Coordination Council has to be reactivated”). To read the full report click here.