Operazione Colomba, Nonviolent Peace Corps of the Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, learns from Albanian media sources about Indrit Pepa’s homicide, 27 years old killed on 6th September 2018 in Mamurras, in the prefecture of Kurbin, to revenge the wounding of Azis Markola, committed by Pepa in 2013. Agron Markola, Azis Markola’s brother, is wanted for Indrit Pepa’s murder.
Since 2013, following the attempted murder against Azis Markola, which ended with the latter’s legs injury, Indrit Pepa’s family lived self-isolated for fear of blood feud. Moreover, in 2015 Indrit Pepa went to Germany as asylum seeker, declaring that in Albania he was in danger of life. According to Albanian sources, “after a year and a half the victim would have been repatriated”. In fact, for German State, Albania is a safe country.
Last April, following Mario Majollari’s murder in Tirana, Operazione Colomba denounced the lack of protection to people and families in blood feud. After Indrit Pepa’s murder, Operazione Colomba renews its concern over the failure to adopt national and international measures to protect and guarantee the right to life of those involved in the blood feud phenomenon..
Operazione Colomba renews its appeal to State institutions to commit themselves to acting to eliminate the phenomenon and to protect its victims.