Dritan Prroj

On the death date of Dritan Prroj, Minister of the Evangelical Church of Shkodër killed in 2010 for blood feud’s reasons, the City of Shkodër dedicated to him the “citizen recognition for his precious contribution in the field of social and spiritual education (Minister of the Evangelical Church “Word of Christ”), continuously at the service of the poor and needy families, missionary of Peace and compassion against the blood feuds phenomenon, representing the example of a priceless heritage, inspiring the fight against the blood feuds phenomenon”.
Dritan Prroj was involved in a blood feud beacuse of a murder committed by a relative. As a result, he and his family lived self-isolated for a while. Dritan was killed in the center of Shkodër on 8th October 2010. When he was killed, he was only 27 and left his wife, Elona, and two children. His death led to the foundation of the “Jo gjakmarrjes, Po Jetes” Association (No to blood feud, Yes to Life) which deals with combating the phenomenon, with particular attention to the education of minors and the support of women.
At the memorial event held a few days ago, Archbishop Monsignor Massafra stated publicly: “No one has the right to kill, not only innocent persons, but even the guilty ones”. Present at the event were also Elona, Dritan’s wife, who continues the spiritual and social activity of her husband, their children and Dritan’s parents.
We would like to remember him with his words: “What I learned is to forgive, regardless of the consequences, and to love my enemies according to the Holy Scripture”.

The photos of the article refer to a demonstration, in memory of Dritan Prroj, which was held in November 2010 in Tirana.