Blood feuds on Italian TV

During the past days, in Italy, Blood Feuds have been a topic of discussion due to a report broadcasted by the Italian tv show “le Iene”. Without going into the details of the report, Operazione Colomba wants to take the chance to appeal to the Albanian institutions and civil society so that they urgently cope with this social issue.
For years, Operazione Colomba volunteers and other local associations have been asking for the application of the law n. 9389 of 4/5/2005, which foresees the creation and the functioning of a Coordination Council for the eradication of the Blood Feuds phenomenon.
In this regard, in order to carry on with the ongoing awareness-raising action against this phenomenon, Operazione Colomba invites everyone to join the campaign #KundërGjakmarrjes (against Blood Feuds), which promotes the application of restorative justice and non˗violent means to tackle this phenomenon.