Launch of the Raising Awareness Campaign 2015

Campagna 2015

Operazione Colomba works in Albania since 2010 to facilitate the eradication of the phenomenon of blood feuds. In order to achieve this goal, the volunteers of Operazione Colomba conduct various nonviolent strategies, such as:

  • Forgiveness and reconciliation paths, addressed to families living in conflict situations;
  • Raising awareness activities addressed to civil society, through public demonstrations and campaigns regarding nonviolent conflict management, aimed at spreading a culture based on the respect for human rights;
  • Raising awareness actions among National and International Institutions to adopt effective measures to overcome the phenomenon.


Letter for the questionnaire about the phenomenon of blood feuds

Dear Candidate,

hereby Operazione Colomba, the Nonviolent Peace Corps of the Association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII – Komuniteti Papa Xhovani XXIII, is to submit a questionnaire concerning the phenomenon of blood feuds, with particular reference to its prevention in the area in which you are a candidate in the next mayoral elections. (more…)