These words are written by Mohammed Hureini, a Palestinian activist from Masafer Yatta (South Hebron Hills), after he was unjustly arrested on August 5th, 2023, while grazing on his land.

I was grazing our sheep when a group of illegal Israeli settlers invaded our land and started harassing me. They also had some sheep that they unleashed to graze in our land. When I tried to stop them, they called the Israeli army, who immediately came. The army had already prepared a military order entailing that our private land is a closed military area before they joined the settlers. To enforce the military order, which only applies to us, the Israeli commander notified us that we have to leave the land within a few minutes.
I refused and insisted that the settlers should leave our land first. Israeli soldiers responded by handcuffing and blindfolding me. The Israeli commander tightened the handcuffs to hurt me and tried to humiliate and provoke me. I shouted at him and said, “What are you doing? I am not a toy in your hands to treat me like this.” He replied, “Shut up!”
At around 8.00 PM they took me to the military base near the village of Susiya. I could find out about this through a hole that was in the piece of cloth covering my eyes. When we arrived in the military base, they threw me in a yard, where there was a soldier watching me.

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Yesterday Haj Suleiman, man, father, activist, "wise elder" from the village of Umm al Khair, passed away. We were told that he was sick, in critical condition, after an Israeli police truck had run over him and dragged him for meters. What always struck us about Haj Suleiman was that during the actions in defense of his land, his village, his people, he was always in the front line. We saw him stand in front of soldiers, police, bulldozers with his arm raised to be the first to defend others from the violence of the occupation, we heard his voice calling for respect, rights and humanity. Unaware that he would surely be beaten and arrested, he was always ready to pay the price himself. Today in that "front line" he leaves a void. "Haj, wherever you are, wherever we are, give us the strength to fill that void and continue the fight for justice as you did!"
To Eid, Tarek, all his family members and his community a big hug

The volunteers from Operazione Colomba (Operation Dove)

Ali Awad and Awdah Hathaleen - 11 January 2022

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Jerusalem – Denied city

Sumaya looked at the way to go, once past the checkpoint. In about 15 minutes, she would arrive at the U.S. Embassy to apply for the visa. A taxi was waiting for her outside the checkpoint, everything had been planned in detail. She had received a permit to enter Jerusalem for three hours, not a minute more. She had to manage it!
At 9 am she had to be at checkpoint 300 in Bethlehem. She had left her home in the South three hours earlier, well in advance. As expected, the Israeli controls had detained her so much so that it had taken almost two hours to go past the checkpoint instead of half an hour. But at last, Sumaya was passing through the controls. She watched the Israeli officials look at her permit, scrutinize it. Behind them, a clock ticked away the minutes - the time she would not have used to enjoy Jerusalem.

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Ofer Prison - Administrative detention

It was a day like any other for Ghassan. Nothing happened, nothing odd interrupted what he has called normality if one could define it as such. Settlers threw stones at the village houses scaring those children who were playing outside, then they targeted Palestinian cars on the Bypass road, namely the Israeli road that connects settlements throughout the West Bank. Ghassan has seen settlements and outposts springing up everywhere, day by day. He has proved evidence of their increase in number while he spent his days in the fields in small villages nearby Nablus, the beating heart of Palestine during the olive harvest.
While he was watching the television with his parents, Israeli soldiers burst into the house. This has happened before, Ghassan indeed has gone through such violence several times throughout his thirty years.

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At-Tuwani - Palestinian minors in the Israeli prisons

“Run at the Sumud Freedom Garden, there are soldiers!”, screamed to us a child. We find Hafez, his brother and his son Amoudi with some soldiers. The situation is calm, when other jeeps of army arrive. The commander starts to make some questions to Amoudi, in a bad and pushing way. A soldier comes in a threatening way near the children, he is looking for the provocation. We don’t have time to exchange words between volunteers when two soldiers grab Hafez for an arm and take him away. His daughters start to scream.
The situation gets worse in a second, we turn in a moment hearing someone screaming: the hands of two soldiers are on the neck of Amoudi as bolt cutters. Our throat is closed when we see the small Hussem running behind the jeep where there is his father inside, handcuffed and blindfolded. Angry, we stop a soldier who is running behind him and who took his arm. Sometimes it’s difficult remembering that there is a man under the uniform.

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