Mission time

“Those who do not weep, do not see” (Victor Hugo)

For the Catholics, October is the “Missionary” month, dedicated to whom, believer or not, woman or man of any age, offers her/his own life to carry out a mandate anywhere in the world, often outside the country of origin. 
But I like to think about the word “mission” in a wider perspective according to which particular places or spaces or skills are not necessary to perform it because mission is wherever there is a challenge, wherever injustice exists, wherever a right is violated.
In this way, everyone will find his/her own mission easily and none would need a suit, a profession or a specific skill, rather a lot of courage and consistency.
Would it be too much thinking that we will change the world this way?
I don’t think so, because it will mean that everyone, none excluded, can make at least one mission of justice in our lifetime.
And furthermore, I like to think and hope that, since our childhood, we can be protagonists in a change of direction that would lead humanity toward hospitality and tenderness.

From some corners of the world, like here in the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, we surely find ourselves being privileged spectators of an extraordinary commitment dedicated to searching justice. Somehow the violence suffered during so many years of war did not lead their members on the way to taking revenge, rather on the one of forgiveness and courage - i.e. behaving with heart.
By the way they leave the rice seeds or grains of wheat slipping away from their hands to the land, by the way they paint their story of fight and resistance on the walls and the totumo seeds, the farmers of the Peace Community build the change of direction. By the way they breath all together as they were only one lung and they all behave individually according to their own specific roles, the members of the Peace Community carries out its mission.
These people shed and keep on shedding tears and tears for all the innocent victims and the injustices suffered in a difficult and violent country, but their eyes did not give up looking beyond the bad to see clearly the path they want to follow, the change they want to be.
For this reason I believe that everyone is called for this change, because also our tears can create a fertile space where the mission of justice for ourselves or the others can be accomplished.
Sometimes, even a single act is enough, like standing by your neighbor or being willing to receive from the other. Surely it is a challenge to our limits and fears, but it is also a duty toward those who chose peace and freedom as mission in life by being ready to die to get them and acting this way for all of us too.