Why does Syria need a Peace Proposal?
We keep providing food, medicines, temporary solutions to Syrian people, we keep looking for creative ways of saving lives, but without a Peace Proposal we will keep feeling helpless when facing the horror of war.
Without a Peace Proposal, we can only sail on the surface of problems, with the violent waves of the system hitting and overwhelming us.
However, with the Peace Proposal we can become the bread, we can become the cure, we can become a permanent solution and we can uproot injustice for good, we will see the resurrection after years of death. We will dive deep and free ourselves from the injustice.

What is the Peace Proposal?
The Peace Proposal is a place. It is a place where each one of us will find comfort and shelter, but which requires hard work.

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The "We the Syrians" Peace Proposal is the result of years of work by Syrian refugee communities in northern Lebanon and all around the world, civilians who do not belong to any political factions and still believe that nonviolence is the only way to end the war in Syria and return to their homes.
Our appeal is for anyone who wishes to be involved in supporting the creation of a just and peaceful future in Syria.
Find out more on www.operazionecolomba.it/wethesyrians
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On June 20, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, our Syrian friends have something to tell us.
Will you stand with us?

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