We want to do more.

I left to try to give a concrete Peace response to the war.
Here, after more than a year, young people are tired: they were resisting and looking for a different way but now they are giving up, they think it's not working, they don't see great results and they believe that the only thing left to do is to enlist.
To fight, so that the war ends as soon as possible or just to avoid being pervaded by a sense of futility.
So, I asked myself what the next step was, how to help them not to give up.
What concrete step can they take against the war?
Actually, they are already doing it, they are taking big steps against violence, but they need to be told!
The part that is missing is mine.
We alone do not see things; the other people make us see.I have to tell their life, and tell them that I see it, that their resistance is the great cry that they want to live and they do not want war.
They are living and not fighting with weapons, and that is right!
They are living by sharing what little they have in their destroyed villages.
They are seeking Peace, they have already created it, they are living it.

Peace exists, we just have to say it, Peace is sharing and it is shared by loving, we must begin to love and then love goes around.
It may not sound like much but only because the seed has just been sown...let us continue to love and it will grow. Peace will grow.
And then war will be avoided. Because yes, it disgusts and frightens us, we do not stop to look at it, we hide it and maybe it is far away.
But if it then comes to us? It destroys us, then we don't have to do it, and that costs effort.
We create by loving, fatigue is there, fears and arguments too, but it all depends on how we live. It is difficult, because we are not used to it, but we like it. It is possible and we want it.
Let's put our heart into it and then it will be spontaneous to open up to the other, to listen to him, because if you love, this is what you do, you don't use violence.
Let our love spread around, so that by loving we will be loved.
Love is a great force and I think we can all confirm this.
When we love or we feel loved we have more energy, more positivity.
So, it only takes love to face things differently.
I write this because I live it!