10 years of war in Syria

10 years of war in Syria
during which we have learnt that we have to accept dictatorships, because those who dared to ask for freedom encountered only war and death.
10 years of tortures and war victims, of bombings on civilians, hospitals and schools, of silence and lack of intervention from our countries, 10 million of homeless and stateless people.
10 years that we spent mostly into tents inside refugee camps in Lebanon and this is something wonderful.
10 years of work to ensure that thousands of people could arrive in Europe through Humanitarian Corridors, so much for this lacking politics which cannot wait to reestablish its business dealings or to sell weapons; years that witnessed the courage of families, groups and local associations in welcoming and hosting people.
10 years in which we may have realised just how close we feel to this war as well as to the next ones and how it is deeply affecting our lives.
10 years during which we understood that this is up to us, that nobody will open spaces of humanity, peace and hope but you and me.