November 2016


During the month of November the abuses from the Israeli forces have carried on in the occupied Palestinian territories south of Hebron. The Israeli forces have carried out several raids in the Hebron district and in the nearby villages, arresting many Palestinians regardless of their age, including elders and minors. 
Confiscations have kept on going, stop working orders have been delivered and demolitions happened, which according to the United Nations are increasing year by year.
Particularly in the morning of the 15th of November there have been demolitions both in the Palestinian village of Umm Al-Kheir and in Deirat. 
This month hasn’t seen a lack of roadblocks, strategy that make it impossible for the Palestinians to conduct normal, daily tasks. The 14th of November two roads have been closed in the Hebron district preventing access to the city and the nearby Palestinian village of Sair.


The month of November for Operazione Colomba volunteers, the citizens of At-Tuwani and adjacent villages, was distinguished by an apparent tranquillity and by the wait for the rain, essential to seed.
This waiting has been filled by both previsions on the date of the first rainy day and by activities to prepare the soil. Operazione Colomba volunteers have accompanied the Palestinians in these activities in At-Tuwani and in the valleys near Tuba. In some valleys weeds and stones have partially been removed by hand.
Sadly, in the course of the month there have been demolitions and requisitions of Palestinian tools by the Israeli forces. In the Palestinian village of Wadi Jeish a tank and various tools were confiscated; at the same time there have been demolitions in Umm Al-Kheir where a community centre, that had just been rebuilt, and a residential building were demolished. In the Palestinian village of Deirat a well was demolished.
Operazione Colomba volunteers have monitored the demolitions and the requisitions.
They have also witnessed the umpteenth abuse by the Israeli forces to the Palestinians. The 15th of November an Israeli settler assaulted a young Palestinian shepherd from Jinba, trying to steal his sheeps, and the Israeli forces, instead of protecting the victim from the aggression, they raided the village intimidating the citizens with their presence. Therefore, some volunteers spent the night in Jinba because the local community feared an overnight raid could happen as a consequence of the happenings of the day.
During the month of November the volunteers and Palestinians’ fear for the expansion of the illegal outpost of Havat Ma’on by the settlers has increased. It is getting even harder to walk the street that connects At-Tuwani to Tuba due to the constant presence of settlers who often try to prevent the path to anyone, without distinction between women, kids and men. The volunteers have often walked with the Palestinians, including a pregnant woman, who needed to go back to Tuba from At-Tuwani, precisely because of the fear that the constant presence of the settlers instills on everyone.
The volunteers are monitoring the situation and have observed that the settlers of Havat Ma’on are illegally carrying on the works, considering that the outposts are illegal both for the Israeli and the International law. However, there already are illegal houses that are being illegally expanded.
Operazione Colomba volunteers went back to Burin, a Palestinian village near Nablus, to meet a family of sheperds who can’t serenely graze their sheeps on their land anymore due to the presence of Israeli settlers. The volunteers have given their availability for future escorts.