November 2016


In Syria war goes on. In various cities, particularly in Aleppo, the situation becomes day after day more dramatic. The bombing by the coalition in support to the Syrian regime, make the life of thousands of civilians increasingly unbearable. In mid-November the only three hospitals still in working conditions suffered heavy attacks and were rendered unusable. Every day dozens of civilian deaths are registered and several thousand refugees are leaving the city. For them the International Community is trying to provide a minimum service: wood and plastic sheeting to build tents in new camps. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that about fifty thousand people have been forced to flee and at least fifty of them have lost their lives because of an air raid.
The Syrian government has refused for the umpteenth time the truce proposed by the UN, which demands that the armed groups abandon the city, leaving it in the hands of the existing Municipal Council. The UN states that Aleppo thus risks becoming a giant cemetery.


The month of november has been a busy month. The situation of Syrians in Lebanon has been gaining interest on Italian newspapers. Indeed, we have been visited by numerous journalists. Volunteers keep working on the protection of Syrians’ rights also through the expansion of a network of NGOs on the Lebanese territory.
On November 10th we received news of the eviction threat of informal camp in the municipality of Rekhanye, in Bebnine municipality, a camp already known by Operazione Colomba volunteers.
This is the largest camp of the Northern region: 1300 people, 700 of which are children.
Also thanks to the advocacy work of Operazione Colomba and to the mobilization of various NGOs and the local and International press, the army withdrew this decision. We will continue to keep contacts with the families and with the organization of the field in order to contribute to the improvement of the very problematic living conditions.
In addition to maintaining the presence in Tel Abbas, volunteers continue to make accompaniments at medical facilities in order to dialogue with healthcare professionals.CyYD2oaXEAIYGfp.jpg_large
On 24 and 25 November we attended an interesting conference on “Journalism and migraCyYD2oaXEAIYGfp.jpg_largetion seen from a dialogic perspective” promoted by Net.One and the Focolare Movement in Beirut. During the meeting the volunteers have brought their experience of presence in the refugee camp.
In late November, two members of Taizé community have come to the camp, and we shared a moment of spirituality with them.
On November 28th, the leaders of Operazione Colomba have met in Brussels the European Commission Vice President Hans Timmerman, shown him the appeal for peace in Syria written with the refugees of the camp and handed over a photo book containing their testimony of life.