November 2016


In Syria war goes on. In various cities, particularly in Aleppo, the situation becomes day after day more dramatic. The bombing by the coalition in support to the Syrian regime, make the life of thousands of civilians increasingly unbearable. In mid-November the only three hospitals still in working conditions suffered heavy attacks and were rendered unusable. Every day dozens of civilian deaths are registered and several thousand refugees are leaving the city. For them the International Community is trying to provide a minimum service: wood and plastic sheeting to build tents in new camps. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that about fifty thousand people have been forced to flee and at least fifty of them have lost their lives because of an air raid.
The Syrian government has refused for the umpteenth time the truce proposed by the UN, which demands that the armed groups abandon the city, leaving it in the hands of the existing Municipal Council. The UN states that Aleppo thus risks becoming a giant cemetery.

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