November 2016

Current situation

In November, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has carried out a series of missions on the field to gain more precise information on what is happening in the country, especially in the zones mainly stroke by the armed conflict. In the middle of the month, a bilateral and definitive cease-fire between the Government and the FARC was violated after 80 days it was implemented. The armed conflict costed two deaths to the guerrilla and the fragility of the “shotgun’ silence” is getting more evident, in a contest of total incertitude after the victory of the NO at the referendum.
The other most serious situation, that for months it has been presenting itself to the Country, is the violence perpetrated towards those who defend the rights of the individual, the environment and those who actively participate to that social and political change that the Country is looking for.
Indeed, there are already 70 murders of social leaders and defenders of Human Rights that took place in Colombia during 2016, 279 cases of threats and 28 attacks against these people (the source that provided with this data to the newspaper El Espectador wishes to remain anonymous). The document also points out that 30 of these murders happened after the bilateral and definitive cease-fire between the Government and the FARC.

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