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Final report of the Campaign #TogetherAtTuwani

Once again we would like to thank all the people who supported our campaign #TogetherAtTuwani. At this point, in order to be the most transaparent and clear as possible, we think it's fundamental to share with you the steps of our fund raising.
We launched the campaign in mid September 2015 and set the 31st of December as deadline for collecting 20.000 euros.
In three months and a half we have raised much more money than expected: 94 donations for a total amount of  22.852 euros.
The full amount was employed to guarantee the presence of Operation Dove's volunteers in South Hebron Hills during the last months of 2015 and allowed us to prospect continuity for 2016.

What we prospected is now becoming true.
In 2016 Operation Dove's project in Palestine and Israel will benefit of a significant grant from the European Union, that we will need to integrate with an additional co-financing.
All the donations collected during the first weeks of the new year with the reason #TogetherAtTuwani will be used to succeed in reaching this new goal, that is fundamental to guarantee our presence also in 2016!

This is a good way to start and we have a full year during which we can work well and face new challenges: in fact in 2016, even if At-Tuwani will still be our base location, we will not stop in South Hebron Hills but we will try to bring the support of our Nonviolent Peace Corps even in other places in West Bank.
We hope to continue receiving a generous and trustful support and, once again, we send you our heartfelt thanks... together in At-Tuwani!

Operazione Colomba


We did it... with you!
We managed to cover all the expenses that we needed to maintain the presence of the volunteers of Operation Dove in At-Tuwani, 24 hours a day, for the whole 2015!
We did it thanks to all of you: friends, volunteers... plenty of people behind all the donations that allowed us to reach and exceed the quota of 20,000 Euros in only three months.
Thank you so much!
A tough challenge, in a hard period, that has been supported by many acts of closeness, affection and esteem.
Thanks again for demonstrating that the nonviolent response can be built together!
As the Palestinians of the South Hebron Hills say "here to exist and to resist the Israeli occupation we need Operation Dove and Israeli activists"; but we also cannot walk alone, we could not have done it without you.
Thanks for demonstrating that you believe it!
We now believe it even more.
It is the popular nonviolent resistance of the shepherds of remote villages to teach us that violence is not the last word, that wars can be stopped!
We move on, strengthened by your commitment and even more determined.
All this makes us more confident for 2016, thanks also to the recent news that next year we will receive institutional funding to partially support the presence of Operation Dove in Palestine and Israel.
Thank you for continuing to be with us, together At-Tuwani.

Operation Dove


It was in May 2004 when Operation Dove first arrived in the village of At-Tuwani. Operation Dove volunteers were called to support Palestinian shepherds as they remained on their land and chose to use nonviolent means, along with Israeli activists, to protect their lives and rights.

Today, 11 years later, Operation Dove volunteers still share daily life with communities throughout the South Hebron Hills. They still support the popular nonviolent resistance by accompanying Palestinians on lands vulnerable to settler attacks and to harassment by the Israeli soldiers.

Please watch this video, that tells more than any word:



Since the beginning of 2015, Operation Dove has not received any funding from public institutions to support its presence in the South Hebron Hills.

We are therefore facing an important challenge: we have to raise € 20.000 by the 31st of December, only through the support of non-government sources such as individuals, groups, associations, friends, families...

It is the only way for us to ensure the presence of the volunteers of Operation Dove on the ground 24 hours a day and continue in 2016 to support the popular nonviolent resistance in the South Hebron Hills.

Together At Tuwani... thank you so much!



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Account holder name: Association "Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII - Condivisione fra i popoli"
Address: Via Valverde 10, 47923 Rimini - ITALY
Reason for payment: Operation Dove - Together at Tuwani


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