Together we can build Reconciliation!

Together we can build ReconciliationTogether we can build Reconciliation

Campaign 2016: “Të lidhim besen për… pajtim!”
1 event for 3 cities: Together we can build Reconciliation!
3 cities, 3 dates, 3 days: 1 Reconciliation

Presentation of the event:

The raising-awareness event “Të lidhim besën për… pajtim!” was born wishing to awake the sense of community all over Albania, tying together, in a symbolic way, the north of the Country (Shkoder), with the centre (Tirane) and the south (Vlore). (more…)

Express: When a blood feud ends in brotherhood!

fokusTwo nights ago, in the village of Korotiza of Drenas, a car with Albanian plate hit three pedestrians. As a result, one of them, identified as Bujar Bullaku of Drenas, lost his life. Yesterday Bullaku family has accompanied the son in the final journey, and during the funeral service of the deceased Bullaku family has made a very valuable gesture. They forgave the murder of the family’s boy by the author of the accident, whom it has learnt to be from Tropoja. (more…)

Operazione Colomba appreciates the European Parliament’s Report on the Albania’s progress

Europarl_logo.svgOperazione Colomba appreciates the European Parliament’s Report on the Albania’s progress for the European Union’s membership on 3rd February 2017.
Specifically, it shares criticism on the functioning of the judiciary “including lack of independence from political influence and other branches of power, selective justice, limited accountability, ineffective oversight mechanisms, corruption, and the overall length of judicial proceedings and enforcement”. Frontier justice, and consequently the blood feud phenomenon, rise again where State justice is not effective.
Furthermore Operazione Colomba joins the recommendations towards State institutions, in order to realize a reform of the criminal justice system, aiming at “holding offenders accountable and promoting their rehabilitation and reintegration, while ensuring protection of the rights of victims and witnesses of crime”.