The Peace Community of San José de Apartadò (Antioquia-Cordoba) was founded on March 23rd 1997. Its birth followed two massacres committed by the Colombian army. However, since its foundation, more than 200 inhabitants died because of violence. Despite these atrocities, the Peace Community members are determined to resist in a nonviolent way and be neutral towards any armed group (governmental army, guerrilla and paramilitary groups).Colombia
Furthermore, the Peace Community openly challenges the prevailing economic model of global market based on the exploitation, through violence, of human beings and environment. People who have economic interests in Colombia want to erase the Peace Community and prevent it from duplicating.

Operazione Colomba in Colombia

Operazione Colomba has been operating in Colombia since 2009. Volunteers live permanently in the Peace Community. They escort its leaders and members in their movements from a village to another or to the city of Apartadó. Their permanent presence allows the farmers to live in their lands feeling safer. Operazione Colomba volunteers face daily risks and material deprivation, contribute to reduce violence and forced displacements, accompany previously displaced people during the process of returning back to their lands, protect Peace Community leaders and members allowing them to carry on their daily activities.