April 2017


In the month of April in a pub of Valona, a 19-year-old man killed a 33-year-old man with a firearm and injured three more people. From a series of investigations, it seems that the conflict broke out due to futile motives. The quarrel began when the 19-year-old, in a state of drunkenness, told the client sitting next to his table, ‘why are you staring at me?’ The police do not even exclude the idea of blood revenge, linking the conflict to a murder happened in 2000.


After presenting in March the book of Father Testa on the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation, in the month of Apri we put our efforts into delivering some copies of the text to the Fathers of Fier, so that they distribute it to schools. The trip allowed us to meet the youngsters who took part in the summer camp of Tropoja last year.
During the month we have been engaged in organizing various activities with young people. We accompanied the group of kids in revenge to a rugby training with the national team in Tirana. The contact with this new reality has allowed them to unite the group and to channel their emotions in a constructive way. In addition, we organized a distracting recreational afternoon with the pre-teenagers belonging to the families in revenge that we help. We also played a soccer game that involved us, the kids in revenge, and some kids of the Pope John XXIII family homes.
In April, volunteers made several visits to families in revenge both in Scutari and in Tropoja. Some visits allowed us to carry on mediation work aimed at achieving reconciliation between the parties. Unexpected opportunities to dialogue were generated: a woman who lost her daughter for revenge said she would feel ready to forgive the family who caused the mourning; in addition, with our help, a letter of apologies was completed by a family involved in a murder that will soon be handed over to the victim’s family; we then met a widow who, with a great spirit of peace, is able to contain the possible instances of revenge of his family. During a visit, she told us “whoever kills, loses his soul.”
April also offered us the opportunity to re-establish relationships with a man self-reclused since 16 years because of a murder committed by a relative and to share the pain of a mother who lost her daughter one year ago.


On April, the collaboration with the Director of Social Services in Scutari and with the delegation of the Belgian National Commission for Refugees and Statelesses continued.