November 2016


During the month of November some cases of attempted murders for “blood feud” reasons happened. One of these, concerning a feud wich dates back to 1997, has been luckily prevented by the intervention of the police and the arrest of 4 people from the city of Kukës.
The same was for the attempted murder which took place in Vrakë, near Shkoder, sorted out with the arrest of father and son belonging to the same family.


During the month of November the volunteers visited several families in “blood feud”. Sharing the most intimate moments of the family life, such as the birthday party for the younger member, turned out to be an opportunity to spend calm and joyful time with all the family. The gift donated to the one year old child and the dedication to him by one of our volunteers of her degree thesis have been especially appreciated.
After few months of absence, volunteers went back to the region of Tropoja in order to keep mediating two cases of conflict that they deal with since a while. In one case, the murderer’s brother is willing to ask forgiveness to the head of the rival family, whose young daughter was killed. We have been designated for writing the letter addressed to the victim’s father. “I need you to explain him that, if I were in the same situation, I wold forgive. I want peace. And you must make him understand that, if i were in his place, I would do the same”, his words were.
In the second case, after the recent death of the head of the clan who negatively influenced the decisions of the whole family, now the revenge seems to be a far hypotheses. Indeed, the decision is now in the nephew’s hands and luckily he wants to build a positive future far from the principles of Kanun.
During the month, volunteers also kept coordinating with the local associations which deal with the “blood feud” phenomenon, aiming to make the support to the involved families stronger. Moreover, some meetings with Italian and Internationals journalists have been realised in order to make a full and detailed description of the context in which this phenomenon exists.