Shifting the struggle

When he had become one of the main liberation movement’s leaders for his country and while he was preparing to struggle, even violently, when he had reached a reputation for being uncatchable, an elusive "black pimpernel", when he had probably come to conceive the way his people could strive, he was arrested.

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We can make war

In front of us, at a dialogue table in Geneva with the United Nations, a boy, an activist, in Arabic, explains to the delegate why an official declaration of the UN it is essential to denounce deportations and forced recruitment of Syrians from the Lebanon to Syria.
Almost in tears he explains: if you don’t do it, without your complaint, the deportations will continue and will be accepted as something that can be done, lawful. And others, in other parts of the world, will do it.

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Currently, Operazione Colomba is present and actively works in four diffrent Countries. Our projects are in Albania, Colombia, Palestine-Israel and Lebanon-Syria.


In the north of Albania, the Kanun is still alive in a degenerated form. It is a code developed in the Middle Age to regulate the social life and strengthen the cohesion of Albanian people. This code established that the offended honor, for example through the killing of a relative, can be restored in two possible ways: by forgiving the killer or by committing a revenge homicide towards any male member of the killer’s family. Nowadays, the most used option is the latter. As a consequence, entire families are involved in endless feuds.

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The Peace Community of San José de Apartadò (Antioquia-Cordoba) was founded on March 23rd 1997. Its birth followed two massacres committed by the Colombian army. However, since its foundation, more than 200 inhabitants died because of violence. Despite these atrocities, the Peace Community members are determined to resist in a nonviolent way and be neutral towards any armed group (governmental army, guerrilla and paramilitary groups).

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Since 2004 Operazione Colomba is present in At-Tuwani, a Palestinian village located in the South Hebron Hills, West Bank. This is an area occupied and totally controlled by Israel. Moreover, there are many Israeli settlements and outposts, that are violently expanding into the Palestinian lands. Despite this, the local inhabitants have chosen to remain there and to resist in a nonviolent way.

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The war in Syria is a tragedy with enormous proportions. Syrians are the largest refugee population in the world. Many of them fled to Lebanon (whose population is 4.5 mln): more than 1.2 mln are officially registered by UNHCR, but currently the real number is estimated in more than 1,5 mln.

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